Request mini loan in Belgium

If you need a limited amount for a short period, you can appeal to a mini loan. With this mini loan or small loan you can for example pay an unexpected invoice, the gifts at Christmas or the school costs of the children. Because you want to have the money from the mini-loan quickly, the […]

Marriage Loan

Soon it will be the most beautiful day of your life. You have decided to marry. Of course, there will be a lot of wedding costs at a wedding party. Through a marriage loan you pay a small fixed amount every month. That way you can still enjoy an unforgettable day with family and friends. […]

Regroup Credits

When you run different loans , it can be interesting to regroup your credits. This will allow a lender to repay all your outstanding credits. Instead you get a new credit and therefore 1 contact point. Below you will find an overview of all providers that offer regrouping of loans. How does the regrouping of […]

Car Loan

Through a car loan you can immediately have your dream car. With this loan, you finance the purchase of a new car or used car. Afterwards, you pay a part back to the lender every month. Sometimes a lender can set some conditions for a certain interest rate. Below you can compare car loans for […]

Borrow Credit: Cheap Interest Rates Are Not Everything – 6 Tips

Finding the right loan is not always easy. A few little tips and tricks will help you here. Everyone needs loans throughout their lives to meet a wide variety of needs and desires, or to bridge financial bottlenecks.  The rate is often crucial Basically, lower and feasible loan repayments are recommended. Because you can not pay your […]

Credit Card or Loans

Benefits and Information Advantages and disadvantages of a credit card The advantage of a credit card lies primarily in its flexibility. After activation and fixing of the loan amount, the user can use it at any time. In addition, you as the user can decide on the repayment. Depending on the outstanding amount, the credit […]

Credit Upgrades: Important Tips on Increasing Borrowing and Extension

Are you paying back a loan and want to top up the existing loan?   What do you do if you want to increase a current personal loan? Are you required to apply for the loan from the lender with whom you have already signed the first contract? And how does that affect the interest […]

Private loans like women

Less risk and more transparency. That’s why women prefer Social Lending. The famous expression “men come from Mars and women from Venus” also applies in the world of finance. Recent studies have shown that women have a risk attitude and make investment choices different from those of men. If on Mars it is mainly focused […]

Capital increase

Objective: to support growth and strengthen leadership in Italian P2P Lending. The Italian Social Lending platform announces a capital increase of 4,520,000 euros . The transaction, already authorized by the Bank of Italy, was coordinated by the Hamilton Ventures of London, a Merchant Banking boutique focused on investments in the Tech and FinTech sectors and […]

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