Capital increase

Objective: to support growth and strengthen leadership in Italian P2P Lending.

The Italian Social Lending platform announces a capital increase of 4,520,000 euros .

The transaction, already authorized by the Bank of Italy, was coordinated by the Hamilton Ventures of London, a Merchant Banking boutique focused on investments in the Tech and FinTech sectors and supervised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

The new resources available will be used for the investments necessary for growth and to consolidate ‘s leadership in Peer to Peer Lending in Italy, the alternative way to apply for loans and lend money between individuals.

  “The new forms of economics and finance, based on the combination of internet-sharing, are also taking hold in our country and at a time when personal loans amount to 25 billion euros, of which 1.3 billion is granted online, to think that the total disbursement of loans between individuals will be able to expand over the next 2-3 years up to 300 million euros is more than realistic ” , commented Maurizio Sella, President of .

The capital increase was also the occasion for the definition and officialization of the new Governance: Chairman of the Board of Directors the founder Maurizio Sella, Chief Executive Officer Luciano Manzo .

Board members: Tommaso Pompei, Gustavo Perrotta, Pierluigi Loy DonĂ , Stephen Andrew Fitch, Pierpaolo Guzzo .

“The new resources that will be able to benefit from today thanks to this important capital increase” adds CEO Luciano Manzo “are aimed at consolidating the leadership of our platform for private loans by strengthening its organizational structure, in particular through the strengthening IT area, Credit, Communication and Marketing areas “.

  “An extremely interesting and certainly ‘disruptive’ reality in the financial sector, with a proven management team at the helm. With great enthusiasm we are at the side of a company in constant growth and with important perspectives ” , commented Gustavo Perrotta, CEO of Hamilton Ventures.

Thus, announces the beginning of a new course, aimed at spreading and promoting in Italy the culture of Social Lending, towards the abandonment of traditional forms of intermediation and with a view to greater efficiency and convenience for all the parties involved. .

Spa, a company founded in 2012 with headquarters in Milan, operates in the Social Lending as a payment institution regulated and supervised by the Bank of Italy, therefore a financial operator authorized pursuant to Legislative Decree 11/2010 to provide payment services, provided on the instructions of providers and applicants.

Hamilton Venture Capital Ltd (“Hamilton Ventures”), founded in 2009 with headquarters in London, is an independent Merchant Banking boutique operating mainly in the Technology sector and FinTech. The company, regulated by the FCA, is led by Gustavo Perrotta and Sir Peter Middleton and offers privileged access to investment opportunities on an international scale.