Capital increase

Objective: to support growth and strengthen leadership in Italian P2P Lending. The Italian Social Lending platform announces a capital increase of 4,520,000 euros . The transaction, already authorized by the Bank of Italy, was coordinated by the Hamilton Ventures of London, a Merchant Banking boutique focused on investments in the Tech and FinTech sectors and […]

The technological revolution of finance. With an eye to the social

Ideas, projects and SartUp that simplify life and make money travel online: from Crowdfunding to Social Lending, thanks to the web, money gains a social value. Numerous magazines and international magazines, a little less in Italy, dedicate weekly space to the so-called FinTech , a new way of doing finance through innovations and the most […]

Ethical loan, we really know it

What does ethical loan mean? In short, do not feed a high-risk circuit for many and high-gain for a few. Then contracting the applicants with sustainable debts and protecting the money lenders. Ethics is a beacon and a business model. To respond to the many requests from the forums, we can begin to say that […]

Revolving Card: if you know it, avoid it

Would you be willing to pay 16% interest on a loan of less than 10,000 euros? This is what happens with the revolving card , a particular type of credit card that is used with increasing frequency because of its ease of use: ease, however, is paid at a very high price, since this financial […]

What is wear? Here’s how to recognize it

It can change scenery and main actors, but the plot is (almost) always the same. It is about usury , an evil rooted in society for many years. But the solutions for not being overwhelmed exist . Wear is a very, very old phenomenon. Suffice it to say that hints related to this practice are […]

Personal loan between private individuals

Once upon a time the Bank. His job was to collect people’s savings, secure them and use them to give credit to those in need. In this way, everyone could make money. In the phase of stable economic growth (second half of the 80s and 90s), many citizens and businesses have benefited from it. But […]

Invest in Social lending

Use technology to share information, goods, resources: it’s the sharing economy. One of the many variations of this “sharing economy” is P2P Lending (or Social Lending) An alternative finance model in which, thanks to technology, individuals make their savings available to those who request a loan, without bank intermediation . P2P Lending is very widespread […]

Differences between loans

They may seem “all the same”: similar mechanisms, similar procedures, the same purposes. In reality, they are different from each other. And the differences are neither few nor insignificant. We are talking about loans. There are many types of loans, each of them with specific characteristics. The first, substantial element of diversity between the various […]

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