Apply for a loan online? That’s why it’s worthwhile

From the renovation of the house to the purchase of a used car, from family vacations to the organization of the wedding: there are many reasons why it is convenient to have some liquidity. And when this is not there, you can always request a personal loan.

In Italy, the number of people requesting a loan is increasing.

As reported in the Observatory on Retail Credits (published by CRIF that manages EURISC, the main Italian credit information system that collects data on loans requested and provided to individuals and businesses) in June 2017 there was an increase of 2, 4% on requests for new and finalized personal loans compared to June 2016.

At the same time, another phenomenon is being observed: the increase in requests for online loans. In the last year more and more Italians have turned to institutions that allow you to make the loan application online.

But why apply for a payday loan online? Green Day’s online application is quick and easyHere are the main advantages.

1 – Comfort and speed.

To request a loan online you do not need to go to a physical office, doing long queues and wasting time. All you need is an internet connection and a laptop – sometimes you do not need that either, just a smartphone – and you can make the request in a few minutes and comfortably seated on your sofa (so much so that in the UK this loan mode it has been renamed sofa lending ).

Also, the required liquidity provision is just as fast: in many cases, it takes only 24 hours after the loan application is approved.

2 – Lower interest rates.

Requesting a loan in the “traditional” way, ie going to the desk of a credit institution or a financial company, involves the opening of mandatory practice and advice, with related activation costs.

The online loans, however, are governed by more flexible and less cumbersome procedures than those of loans requested directly at the branch: no organizational costs, no additional charges. The result? Lower interest rates and APR (the Annual Total Effective Rate, the total cost of credit charged to the consumer). Furthermore, the online loan application is free and without obligation.

3- Security.

Reliable institutions and credit institutions are supervised by the Bank of Italy, confirming the total security and transparency of the procedures.

The application is made by completing an online form. The data entered by the loan applications are protected by sophisticated security systems and are used only by the credit institution to query the databases (such as Experian and Crif) to substantiate what has been declared in the application and to guarantee the maximum possible correctness.

This procedure protects not only the lender, but also the applicant: it is precisely by carrying out scrupulous checks that the amount corresponding to the loan can be granted so quickly.